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The Symbiotic Brand

We’re building a brand that will change the world of procurement.

There are thousands of distribution channels across the globe.


But other than juggernauts like Amazon and Alibaba that have little if any positive social or environmental impact built in to their service, the vast majority of them are "unbranded". They largely operate in the shadows, with no bigger "mission" or goal they strive to achieve.

At Symbiotic, we believe these unbranded distribution channels are one of the greatest untapped potential means for shifting capitalism to become more socially and environmentally impactful.

Symbiotic aims to become the Amazon of social impact distribution, a uniquely branded channel of disruptive purpose, where every purchase equals giving back to society and the environment.

Once we reach the threshold and that snowball starts rolling, there’s no limit to the potential - financially and philanthropically.


Together, we can make Symbiotic THE brand for socially impactful procurement and distribution.

How did it all begin?

The story behind Symbiotic

The road to Symbiotic started out almost 20 years ago....

"I was working in channel sales. I wanted to find a way to differentiate from the competition and ‘do the right thing’, something noble to be proud of.


I had an idea, and  I've been on this path ever since."

Jay Frank

I knew that as a consultative, collaborative, unbiased technology consultant I could help potential clients find the best solution for their needs.


In the beginning, though, getting in front of opportunities was not easy at all. I lacked the confidence that comes with experience, but more importantly, I lacked a significant purpose or reason for reaching out beyond making a living.


That changed once I conceived of T4C ( Telecom for Charity), the predecessor to Symbiotic. Once I was able to combine an impactful purpose for reaching out to the potential client with a solution that meets their every day need, I began feeling more confident, both in my ability to support my family, but more importantly, in my ability to create - with other sellers and buyers of telecom solutions - to have a wider social and environmental impact.

This led me to realize that combining impact with procurement is not only feasible, but even a significant opportunity to also create social awareness for a greater good. In short, by branding procurement with social impact we could achieve better outcomes from existing economic frameworks as we shifted towards a more conscious capitalism. It could be a real win-win situation.

Luckily for me, my business partner agreed to buy out my part of our joint company, giving me the financial runway needed to take a leap of faith and follow the moral imperative I'd embraced to change channel sales for good.

I could now work to make my vision into a reality by creating a platform that serves as a sales conduit for profit and purpose on the selling side, while also giving buyers the ability to take easy steps towards social responsibility. Symbiotic was born!


At Symbiotic, we see the possibility of helping capitalism shift conscious. We aim to forge a movement, a BRAND name of badass goodness, with blockchain transparency, B Corp accountability, ambitious as heck and not a moment too soon as the opportunity and need are undeniable.

Are you ready to join us?

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