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Attention: Buyers & Buy-side Influencers

Procure with Purpose

Win on the front end of transaction requirements
drive positive social impact

Leverage buying power for better outcomes

Are you a procurement professional seeking to use your organization's buying power for better outcomes? Look no further!

We're here to test the premise that leading with impact can attract buyer opportunity.

Take our Symbiotic Impact Challenge, where we'll help you find the best possible value for your organization's IT infrastructure needs.

Forest Trees

Symbiotic Impact Challenge

Where we'll help you find the best possible value for your organization's IT infrastructure needs.

Take Our

What's in it for you?

If you're looking for enterprise-grade solutions…

satellite dish.png




Call Center


Data Center



Cyber Security

We will…


Symbiotic will match you with technology vendors & consultative sellers who are motivated to earn your business on the opportunity merit alone.

Earn Your Business…

Once you agree we've earned your business on merit, we sweeten the pot with social impact in the form of embedded philanthropy - at no additional cost.

… & Embed Philanthropy


And, if we can't…


Symbiotic Commitment

If we can't meet-or-beat your requirements with a competitive solution, we'll plant up to 100,000 trees* in your organization's name.

100,000 Trees

up to

planted in your organization's name

Terms and Conditions

*Up to 100,000 tress = $25,000 with our named partner "Trees for the Future" (valued at 25 cents USD per tree plant) or any NGO tree planting organization of your choosing. (ex: is $1 per tree.)


The monthly recurring cost (MRC) of business opportunity presented will determine the tree planting contest value.


For Example – ABC company has a VoIP business quote to enter with a MRC of $7500. If Symbiotic is not able to meet or beat ABC company's requirements – i.e., we lose the challenge – Symbiotic will plant 7500 trees with Trees for the Future or 1875 trees with One Tree Planted on ABC company's behalf.  


Symbiotic will honor up to the 1st $100,000 of business opportunities registered for challenge and give prospective customer the final determination if we fail to ‘meet or beat’.

Image by Ankit Choudhary

YES – I want to take the Symbiotic Impact Challenge!

Thank you for your interest in the Symbiotic Impact Challenge. Our founder, Jay Frank, will follow-up shortly to discuss your organization's IT infrastructure wants and needs.

How does the Challenge work?

  1. Fill out & submit the form on the left to join the challenge.

  2. Founder, Jay Frank, will follow-up to discuss your organization’s IT infrastructure wants and needs.

  3. Review and evaluate the solutions presented by our network of technology vendors and consultants.

  4. Choose to engage or pass on the solutions presented (no obligation).

    • If you engage: the procurement process starts AND included in the cost of the transaction is the social impact in the form of embedded philanthropy supporting the nonprofit of your choice (so long as they fit within the U.N. SDGs).

    • If you pass: If you don’t think we’ve met your requirements, as per challenge, we will plant up to 100,000 trees* in your organization's name.

Why take the Challenge?

There's nothing to lose!



Gain access to a wider network of technology vendors and consultants aligned to your organization's needs.



Improve upon your organization’s ESG commitments with no organizational change or added cost.



If we can't deliver on our promise, we'll plant up to 100,000 trees* in your organization's name.

About Symbiotic


As a business in SaaS model. Social impact as a service. 

sym·bi·ot·ic | \ ˌsim-bē-ˈä-tik  \



Social impact conduit between stakeholders within procurement, distribution, and the SDG’s via embedded philanthropy mechanisms carved from redistribution of commission earned at the transaction level, connecting motivated buyers looking for social impact and sustainability to sellers primed for profit and purpose, helping rebalance the planet one transaction at a time.

We’re building a brand that stands for:

Socially Impactful Procurement & Distribution

Symbiotic facilitates social impact in the transaction by redistribution of the commission earned per sale — from profit-only, to profit + purpose — carving-out social impact in the form of embedded philanthropy.


This supports the customer-chosen non-profit and maps to the correlating sustainable development goal(s).

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