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Symbiotic's 'Social Impact as a Service' connects buyers

What is Symbiotic?

The platform where every transaction helps rebalance the planet!

Every day, businesses procure mission-critical services such as telecom, internet, data center, and cloud hosting.

And more and more of these same businesses are also looking to do good; they make pledges, they strive for higher CSR standards, and they place requests for partnerships that tick the ethos boxes.

We help them achieve these goals by embedding transparent, accountable social impact into their transactions, helping them meet their ESG reporting requirements and CSR commitments.

Every. Single. Time.

Our Mission

Profits with a positive socially and environmental impact.

The Pie - Symbiotic Circular Economy (v2)

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How it Works

Socially-inclined Buyers procure services from socially-oriented Suppliers that have partnered with Symbiotic


25% of the cost of the service is repurposed as "embedded philanthropy" for social impact


Social impact Non-Profit Organizations chosen by the Buyer receive the embedded philanthropy to implement their projects.


Supplier customer retention and upselling increase as Symbiotic’s unprecedented gratitude program brings transparency and recognition to all involved for generating a positive social impact with each transaction they make

More Buyers join Symbiotic to procure services so they can also deliver social impact


More Suppliers dedicated to sustainable and circular solutions join Symbiotic


Capitalism shifts from reckless to conscious, picking up speed transaction after transaction.

How it works

What makes Symbiotic so... symbiotic?

Our gratitude program has impact like nothing you've ever seen before.

Transparency -

Blockchain smart contracts provide social impact in each transaction;


Tracking -

B Corp accountability and guidance;


Accountability -

Each NFT offers impact mapping of the customer's financial support to the designated charity and the correlating SDG;


Branding -

Each NFT is visually uniquely branded so your organization can take pride in showing how your work contributes to shifting towards socially and environmentally responsible capitalism.

Symbiotic's goal is to contribute to achieving the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals:

E SDG Poster 2019_without UN emblem_PRINT.jpg

Do YOU also want to make an impact?

Procure Symbiotically

Source the exact same products and services at the exact same cost via Symbiotic's 'Social impact as a Service' sourcing platform layer.... but with a positive social / environmental impact embedded in the transaction!

Find Symbiotic Suppliers

Sell Symbiotically

Express your commitment to a more socially and environmentally just and transparent way of doing business by partnering with Symbiotic for enhanced sales enablement. More profit with purpose, community recognition, and natural alignment await.

Become a Symbiotic Supplier

Impact Symbiotically

Partner with Symbiotic as a social impact partner, attract the support of like-minded buyers and sellers who, like you, believe in your mission focused goals aligned with the SDG’s framework for rebalancing earth.

Register as a Symbiotic Impactor

Your Symbiotic procurement can have a real impact!

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Symbiosis: The Art of Living

Any relationship or interaction between two dissimilar organisms. The specific kind of symbiosis depends on whether either or both organisms benefit from the relationship.

@ Symbiotic we add social impact to every transaction in terms of embedded philanthropy.

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