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The Symbiotic Impact

We’re building a single brand that will benefit many.

Symbiotic is here to disrupt business-as-usual for a better shared future.


While there are many types and fields of business, the undeniable overall trend is towards increased transparency and accountability - whether to help investors make more informed investment decisions, meet customer demands to know their purchases are aligned with their principles, or comply with regulatory requirements. And it doesn't end there. Civil society organizations also constantly compete for access to funds, with the ability to prove impact alongside organizational sustainability being key to successful fund raising, continued operations and impactful project execution.   

Together we can make Symbiotic THE brand for socially impactful procurement and distribution that helps businesses and civil society alike achieve their respective goals - and shared ambition - for a better future.

Prove ESG compliance

Image by Joshua Woroniecki

ESG regulations aimed at helping investors take into account Environmental, Social and Governance-related risks in their due diligence process are rapidly pushing companies to re-examine their claims about how they address risk and the impact their activities have, both internally and externally.

Working with Symbiotic enables companies to make claims they can both back up with solid data grounded in verifiable processes, and have a real impact. This reduces the risk of being accused of greenwashing or fined for false reporting.

That's win-win for your brand and your compliance / accounting departments.

Meet CSR goals

Image by Carl Heyerdahl

CSR policies that contribute to a brand's reputation by defining how the organization aligns itself and takes actions that advance societal goals are often easy to claim but harder to prove. This can affect company performance, whether to generate revenue or attract people to work at the organization.

Engaging with Symbiotic enables companies to make claims they can both back up with solid data, and have a real impact, helping improve both financial performance as well as attract / retain the kind of people who can help take the organization to the next level.

That's win-win for your brand and your marketing / sales / HR departments.

Tap FUNDING sources

Image by Brett Jordan

Civil Society organizations are, by their non-profit nature, often challenged to secure the funding they need, whether to keep their organization running, attract the people they need, or execute the specific projects that reflect the reason for which they were created.

Partnering with Symbiotic gives NGOs and similar non-profits the opportunity to access funding they would not otherwise be able to access, and prove their impact so they can become even more attractive in the eyes of potential funders, partners, and employees.

That's win-win for your brand and your fund raising departments.

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