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The Symbiotic Approach

We’re building the 1st branded distribution and procurement channel that integrates social impact in every transaction, at no additional cost!

What if the time and money usually spent to make a sale could instead be used for positive social and environmental impact?

When a channel partner makes a sale, they don't actually enjoy 100% of the commission, because they have operating costs, marketing costs, etc. As a channel sales platform layer branded for social impact, Symbiotic attracts socially-inclined buyers and so saves the channel partner (i.e. seller) expenses they'd otherwise have to invest in finding like-minded buyers, marketing to them, etc. These avoided expenses are re-directed to the non-profit organizations that deliver social and environmental impact, at no extra cost to buyer, seller, or distributor.

This is the motivating concept behind Symbiotic.


Distributors and non-profit organization-partners connect to the Symbiotic cloud-based hub via API so that every time a buyer makes a purchase from a distributor, the commission earned is redistributed with embedded philanthropy and automatically transferred to the organization-partner of choice. The entire transaction is recorded in blockchain and a unique NFT issued for the transaction, enabling transparent accounting for ESG reporting.

Symbiotic circular economy diagram.jpg

1. Symbiotic Cloud Hyper CRM

The Symbiotic SIaaS ‘Social Impact as a Service’ is built around a cloud-based platform that engages three stakeholder verticals: Buyers, Sellers and Nonprofits (aka social impact partner);

2) Revenue

Revenue refers to the commission earned at the transaction level;

3) AI attracts opportunities

AI / ML Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning functionality matching and connecting aligned opportunities between buyers and sellers within the Symbiotic ecosystem.


A SAP user in Timbuktu looking for a sustainable data center in the US market from minority seller helping ESG ratings;

Sniffing out RFP’s or Tenders specifically grading social impact and or sustainability as a criteria of the RFP;

4) Margin [re]distribution

4a-Embedded Philanthropy is an output of the margin redistribution, typically this would be a secondary partner in commission split of transaction, we repurpose towards a social impact partner supporting the goals ( SDG’s) of customer;

4b- Channel partner sales refers to the seller. Selling services via Symbiotic enables sellers to transact for profit & purpose, aligning personal principles with sales;

5a) Blockchain transparency

Mapping social impact via Blockchain smart contracts proving embedded philanthropy is included in the transaction cost, and furthermore used for branding, and attracting more buyers, sellers, vendors, press, etc.

5b) Mapping social impact

Documenting the social impact of every transaction via embedded philanthropy mechanisms on environmentally neutral blockchain smart contracts, showcasing customer’s indirect financial support to chosen NGO to correlating SDG on beautiful, social media optimized NFT’s;

6) Social impact partners
Nonprofits, charities, NGO’s, etc. whose missions focus on supporting one or more of the SDG goals benefit financially from Symbiotic's embedded philanthropy mechanism as a percentage of each transaction is directed to the impact partner chosen by the buyer so the partner can engage in their mission-focused work;

7) SDGs

The SDGs serve as the global goals that unite all Symbiotic stakeholders, giving a common direction and focus to the embedded philanthropy generated via the platform;

8) Alternative fundraising via Symbiotic

Any certified nonprofit can post their organization and specific projects in need of funding on the platform. Each transaction [that the seller decides to dedicate to the specific organization] can contribute to the funding of the specific project. Once NGOs use Symbiotic for alternative fundraising and reveal new opportunities for our selling partners, we create our own version of closed loop/circular Symbiotic economics! Symbiotic brands itself as social impact in transaction;

9) Gratitude program

Transactions results in a "payment" to the social impact partner who, in return, thanks the customer whose purchase supports them. The gratitude is expressed in the form of a script in a short video thanking the buyer and seller for supporting and being a part of the aligned mission-focused work. This serves as marketing collateral for the buyer and seller, contributing to customer retention and upsell;


10) Marketing

Cloud-based based marketing & social media templates, newsletter, branding info & resources, calendar events, promotions, spiffs, contests,

e.g. Earth day, register a qualifying opportunity with AT&T- get $100 and plants 100 trees

11)  Onboarding

Document shared drives, contacts, contracts, database & partner portal, etc.

12) Vendor interface / API

Preferred vendors with api value-add to connect deeper for co-marketing, branding, sales registration / teaming, etc….

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